Family Records

Record updates for existing or new Ouzts families and/or descendents need to be forwarded to the Ouzts Family Association.  To download a Family Group Record (FGR) form, please click here.  Record corrections may also be sent using this form.

Family Group Record

New and updated records will then be entered into our Family History file and into the continuing book manuscript.

We will need the full and complete name of each individual, full date and place of all births, marriages, deaths and places of burial.  We will also need the parents’ names of all spouses along with their dates and places just as for family members.

Please type the information or print very clearly and legibly.  All dates should be Day/Month/Year format such as 16 June 1965 or 16/6/1964.  It is difficult to decipher dates unless this format is strictly followed.  For example, 3/6/2006 is June 3, 2006, not March 6, 2006.

The “Christened” and “Place” fields need not be filled in unless the individual was born before 1800 and the only record available is a church record.

Remember, we have many family members with the same names so we must be able to tell what existing family the individual(s) in this FGR belongs.  The father’s and mother’s full names are critically important.

Please enter the “Prepared By” information completely including your email address. If we have questions, email is the best method of contact and costs nothing to correspond.

Please send family information directly to:

          H.C. Ouzts
          13551 South Sheps Ridge Lane
          Herriman, UT 84096

Or via email to