The Ouzts Family Book

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The Ouzts Family in America, Edgefield, South Carolina Roots is now available in CD format.  It is updated through July 15, 2010, and is a single volume with a single index for all family members.  The cost of the CD is $50.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.  Please contact Judy Long at to purchase a copy.  All proceeds go to The Ouzts Family Association General Funds account.

The Ouzts Family in America, Edgefield, South Carolina Roots Book is a two volume set.  Volume One contains the John Calvin Ouzts through the Elizabeth Ouzts McDowell lines.  Volume One also has an introductory chapter, “South Carolina Roots,” and a chapter on the Ouzts Family Association history.  Volume Two contains the Martin Luther Ouzts through Benjamin James Ouzts lines and the lines of the half-brothers and sisters of George Peter Ouzts, Elizabeth Ouzts Lowery through the Jake Martin Ouzts line.

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There are a total of 1,881 pages. Each volume is indexed with the family members who are presented in bold print.  If you do not find the person you’re seeking in one volume, check the index of the other.  Parents of the spouses are not indexed unless they are members in bold.  There are no pictures in the book except for the color rendition of the Utz-Ouzts Family Crest and the meaning of the Crest.

The book is bound in a blue linen binding with a place marker ribbon.  The lettering on the book is in gold.  There were 277 sets in the first printing.  Additional printing(s) will be considered based on requests for purchases.  You are requested to forward all corrections and additional family information to us for inclusion in any subsequent printing as soon as you can.  Additional details and the Family Group Record form are available on the Family Records page.

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The book was distributed to those who purchased a copy or copies at the Ouzts Family Reunion on August 25, 2007.

All copies of the book are now sold. The original first printing price was $100.00 for the two volume set plus shipping.  For additional information, please contact Judy Long at, call (864) 933-3013, or write to her at 182 Fieldcrest Drive, Central, SC 29630.

There was a modest profit from the sale of the book that will be retained by The Ouzts Family Association to be used to care for the Ouzts Family Monument and to do much needed work on the Ouzts Family Cemetery in McKendree, SC.  Details are available on the Finances page.

You may also download a copy of Peter Ouzts I and His Descendants, “The Original Ouzts Book” here.